Photography Journalism and Open-Source Investigations

This course will introduce you to photography journalism, its basics and forms. It focusses on visual storytelling as it is the most effective and widely spread form of photography journalism. The course also looks at the important topic of ethics in photography journalism, introducing you to examples where the images have been manipulated, and reflecting with you on the catastrophic effect this manipulation has had.

The second part of the course looks at open-source investigative tools, and the latest developments in digital media and open-access platforms. With several investigative tools and software becoming publicly available, it has become possible for any person with access to the Internet and the right literacy skills to undertake and produce quality open-source investigations. The aim of this course is to cover the correct skills so you are able to work on open-access investigations, especially in the area of human rights violations, through a thorough presentation of the workflow and an introduction to the main tools by those who use them on an everyday basis.